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10 ways to get your membership’s worth

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Your NMRT membership is a big value for the money. Here are ten ways to maximize your membership.

The NMRT listserv is the place to go for information on what is happening and what is on the minds of librarians new to the profession and association. Calls for committee members, newsletter submissions, scholarship opportunities, professional development and conference events are posted on NMRT-L. Don’t miss out!

Participate in monthly Online Discussion Forums
Conducted via NMRT-L, this is a great way to discuss issues important to early career librarians. Past topics have included negotiating salaries, the interview process, networking, and publishing.

Resume Review Service
Whether you are a recent graduate or looking to move up, have your resume and cover letter reviewed by experienced professionals in the field. This service is offered via email to NMRT members all year, and in-person during the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference to all attendees.

Join A Committee
Want to contribute and do something meaningful? Consider joining one of NMRT’s 20+ committees. Help other new members find their way to professional development and networking opportunities and learn more about what NMRT can do for you in the process.

Network Socially With NMRT Members
Connecting with friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Why not add NMRT and keep up with members as well. Join the NMRT group on Facebook and LinkedIn, and follow alanmrt on Twitter. ALA Connect offers another way to get to know NMRT members.

Write A Piece For Footnotes
Footnotes is the round table newsletter published online four times a year. We want to publish your on the job experiences, news items, and reports on conference events. Look for a call for submissions on NMRT-L or contact the Footnotes Editor with your article idea.

Attend A Conference
In addition to the great professional development sessions offered, conferences are a great way to meet other librarians face-to-face or virtually. NMRT offers opportunities to meet others and have a good time doing it. Attend one of our programs, social gatherings, receptions, or information sessions at ALA’s Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.

Sign Up For A Mentor
If you need a mentor for one year or one conference, NMRT can help match you up. Year long mentoring can help with new job advice, while conference mentoring can assist with what sessions would be most valuable for you and how to get around. NMRT mentors are friendly people ready to help!

Attend An Orientation Session
Going the ALA Annual Conference for the first time (or it’s been a while)? Attend the NMRT Conference Orientation or NMRT Conference 101. The Midwinter Meeting your first in-person event? Join us at the NMRT Conference Orientation.

Get Funded
NMRT annually provides scholarships, grants, and awards to defray the cost of travel to the Annual Conference. These include the 3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant, the Shirley Olofson Memorial Award, and the Student Chapter of the Year Award.


Resume review video

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I was just reading American Libraries Direct, and was pleased to see a blurb about our resume review service!  With a link to a 2 minute video interview with Sarah Johnson.  She was one of the speakers at the NMRT President’s Program on July 11.

Laurel Bliss
NMRT Past President, 2009-2010


Agenda: NMRT Executive Board Meeting

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This meeting can also be followed on Twitter.

A G E N D A | NMRT Executive Board Meeting
ALA Annual Conference – Chicago, IL
July 13, 2009,  8-10 am Palmer House, Room Clark 05
I.     Call to Order (5 minutes)
II.    Announcements (5 minutes)
III.   Approval of Minutes, Maureen Barry (10 minutes)
  a. Midwinter Meeting, January 2009
  b. Eboard Meeting, April 2009
  c. Eboard Meeting, May 2009
IV.    Updates from ALA
  a. Terri Kirk, ALA Executive Board Liaison (10 minutes)
  b. John Chrastka, ALA Membership Development (10 minutes)
V.     Old Business
  a. Report on ALA Connect’s Career Connections from Laura Kortz (10 minutes)
  b. Report on Emerging Leader Sponsorship from Linda Crook (10 minutes)
VI.    New Business
  a. 2009-2010 budget, Amy Ferguson (10 minutes)
  b. Proposal to revise Liaison Coordination & Support Committee’s charge, Courtney Young (15 minutes)
VII.   Thank you to outgoing Board members and welcome to new ones (5 minutes) 
VIII.  Adjournment


Conference Tips at a Glance

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Programs and Meetings
•    Don’t be overwhelmed by the program guide! Use it to revise your schedule as needed.
•    Don’t schedule things too tightly.
•    Meetings and programs are held at many different hotels in the city. Use the program map to help locate them and plan your days.
•    It’s okay if you arrive late or have to leave early from a program.
•    Take advantage of the free shuttles.
•    Meet people. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards or contact information.
•    Make notes during or just after meetings while the content is still fresh in your mind.
•    If you want to get involved, attend committee meetings and introduce yourself to the chairperson.

Exhibit Hall
•    Allocate plenty of time for the Exhibits. Don’t try to see them all at once.
•    Use the program guide to help select and find exhibitors you want to visit.
•    Check your Expocard, make sure it has your correct information.
•    Use your Expocard – exhibitors can scan it to send you information later.
•    Visit the Exhibits early, especially to enter vendor giveaways.
•    Don’t pick up everything. Ask exhibitors to send you information after the conference.
•    Use the Post Office in the exhibits hall to send home what you do pick up.

Other Conference Tips
•    Bring business cards with you.
•    Check Cognotes, the daily conference newspaper, for last-minute additions and changes.
•    Wear your badge to meetings and social events, but NOT on the street.
•    Attend vendor receptions, talk to people in meetings, on the shuttle buses or at events.
•    Avoid listening to your MP3 player or reading when you could be meeting people.

After the Conference
•    Keep connections! Follow up with new colleagues and presenters via email, Facebook, or ALA Connect.
•    Apply your experiences. Discuss new ideas you learned with your co-workers.

Based on “Tips for a Successful Annual” on the Annual 2009 conference wiki.

Also check out Camila Alire – Making the most of conferences.