Election Results



Thank you to all members who participated in the ALA election. All of our Constitution/Bylaws amendments passed!  This means that we’re getting our long-needed dues increase in September. In reaction to this good news current NMRT president Emily Prather-Rodgers writes,  “I hope this means we’ll be able to provide even better programming and support to our members.”

Here is your board for next year, and congratulations to all:

Megan Hodge, President

Kirby McCurtis, Vice President/President-elect (newly elected)

Emily Prather-Rodgers, Past President

Jonathan Lu, Treasurer

Easter DiGangi, Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer-elect (newly elected)

Mandi Goodsett, Secretary (newly elected)

Kate Kosturski, Leadership Director

Kari Weaver, Members Services Director

Tinamarie Vella, Networking Director (newly elected)

Kelly Trowbridge, Outreach Director (newly elected)

Rachael Altman, NMRT Councilor (newly elected)

Cory Lampert, Fundraising Coordinator






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