Spotlight On: NMRT Handbook Committee

The New Members Round Table Handbook Committee is the behind the scenes crew for the public face of the handbook. The handbook is the official record of the round table and contains committee charges, officer responsibilities, time tables, etc… The primary job of the Handbook Committee is to update the handbook. We do this by communicating with committee chairs and the executive board to find out if any changes to the handbook need to be made.

Within the larger context of ALA, the handbook and handbook committee provides an historical record of the ongoing activities within the NMRT. In doing so, this committee provides an excellent starting place for anyone interested in serving on a committee within ALA.

The handbook itself is composed of several pages on ALA Connect. The Archives Committee, for example, is hosted on this handbook page. For new members it will help you to get to know NMRT, its history, governance structure, constitution, and the goals of the round table. It will also give you a place to go to research the committees you might be interested in joining. For those who are interested in serving on a committee, the handbook will give you an idea of what the committee is about and what the governance structure of the committee is and what your time commitment will be should you be asked to serve.

Call for committee members and chairs will go out in spring 2017. Please keep an eye out for more information at that time.

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