ATTENTION: Upcoming State ALA Conferences

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If you are looking to connect with fellow new library professionals at your local state conference, you are in luck. ALA’s NMRT will be working with several state associations to help connect with new professionals in the field.


Where:  Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference (University of Hawaii @Manoa)

When:   Friday, December 4- Saturday, December 5, 2015

Time:    7:30-8:30am

Place:    Registration Booth


Look out for more information for following conferences next year!

March – Oklahoma Library Association

April – Washington Library Association, Tennessee Library Association, Alaska Library Association, Connecticut Library Association

May – Rhode Island Library Association, Delaware/Maryland Library Association, New Jersey Library Association


If you want to help coordinate something, email tinamarie.vella@gmail.com



NMRT Online Discussion Forum – Upcoming Monthly Discussions

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This year the NMRT Online Discussion Forum will be hosting monthly discussions via the NMRT listserv- so be on the lookout for the prompts and we hope many of your can participate. These discussions are a great way for you to network and chat about current topics in the library field. It’s also a great way to participate in ALA if you cannot attend conferences. If you are not subscribed to the listserv already you can sign-up here: http://www.ala.org/nmrt/news/nmrtmailinglists

We will also be hosting live chats every other month. Our first live chat will be Monday, November 16 from 2pm-3pm EST/11am-12pm PST. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about upcoming chat events.

Please mark your calendars and participate if you can. More info will be available soon here: http://www.ala.org/nmrt/oversightgroups/comm/online/onlinediscussionforum


NMRT Announces Mandi Goodsett as 2016 Emerging Leader

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The New Members Round Table (NMRT) is pleased to announce Mandi Goodsett as its representative in the 2016 Emerging Leaders program. Goodsett is currently working as the Performing Arts & Humanities Librarian at Cleveland State University in Ohio. She received her MLIS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013. Before beginning her current position in 2014,  she spent a year working at Georgia Southwestern State University as Reference & Instruction Librarian.

Goodsett has served on a number of NMRT committees since becoming a member of NMRT in 2011, including the NMRT Footnotes, NMRT ALA Student Reception, and NMRT Endnotes committees. She also served on the NMRT Board as secretary from 2014-2015. Mandi’s research interests include the development of LIS education, the experiences of new librarians, and the use of technology in library instruction. She is excited for the publication of an article she co-wrote with Andrew Walsh titled “Building a Strong Foundation: Mentoring Programs for Novice Tenure Track Librarians in Academic Libraries” in C&RL in early November.

Goodsett is also in the process of beginning an organization for new information professionals in the state of Ohio. When Mandi isn’t geeking out about information literacy & library instruction, or doing homework toward a Masters in Adult Education, she enjoys traveling, playing her viola in a community orchestra, and baking treats for her library coworkers.

Mandi is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as NMRT’s 2016-2017 Emerging Leader. “NMRT has been such a welcoming and supportive group, and its programs and opportunities have helped me immensely in beginning my professional development as a new librarian,” she said. “I’m honored to continue my participation in the group as Emerging Leader, and I look forward to further developing my leadership skills.”

“Mandi has established an impressive record of leadership within NMRT and a dedication to collaborating with other professionals. We’re excited to support the professional development of someone so enthusiastic and committed to librarianship,” expressed NMRT President, Kirby McCurtis.

 Goodsett is the ninth NMRT sponsored Emerging Leader. Previous NMRT-sponsored Emerging Leaders are Linda Crook (then Shippert) in 2008, Alexandra Tyle-Annen in 2009, Janel Kinlaw (then White) in 2010, Megan Hodge in 2011, Heidi Steiner in 2012, Margaret Howard in 2013, Kate Tkacik in 2014, and Stacey Nordlund in 2015.

The Emerging Leaders program enables newer librarians from across the country to participate in work groups, network with peers, gain an inside look into ALA’s structure and have an opportunity to serve the profession in a leadership capacity. As NMRT’s 2016 Emerging Leader, Goodsett will receive $1000 towards the costs of attending the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Boston, MA, as well as the 2016 ALA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL.

NMRT, a round table of ALA, is an organization for people with fewer than 10 years of membership in ALA. To learn more about NMRT, visit http://www.ala.org/nmrt .


NMRT Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee

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The NMRT Shirley Olofson Memorial Award Committee is seeking applicants for a $1,000 award, intended to defray the costs of attending the ALA Annual Conference. Shirley Olofson was a well-respected NMRT President who died during her term of office. After her death, the NMRT Executive Board decided to authorize the establishment of an award to honor her memory. The award is given to current or potential NMRT members who have attended no more than five American Library Association Annual Conferences.

Applicants must also be members of ALA and NMRT, participate actively in the library profession, show promise or activity in the area of professional development, and have a valid financial need.
Those interested in the award may submit an application online at this webpage: http://www.ala.org/nmrt/initiatives/applyforfunds/shirleyolofson

The due date for applications in December 14th, 2015. The chosen recipient will be notified in late January/early February. Please direct all questions to Jennifer Stout at jastout@vcu.edu.


NMRT Footnotes – Get published!

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Looking for Publication Opportunities?

Consider Writing for Footnotes!

What is Footnotes?
Footnotes is the official, electronic newsletter for the New Members Round Table (NMRT). With new issues published four times a year, Footnotes strives to bring relevant news and information to NMRT members (for free!), including articles of interest to new library professionals about all things library-related, book and website reviews, ALA conference information (including recaps of NMRT sessions for those who are unable to attend), NMRT Board actions, and more! Footnotes depends on you to write and share information with your peers and colleagues.

Why Publish?
Publishing is a great way to get more involved in the library profession. By sharing what you know/learned/experienced, you’re helping to spread your knowledge to the NMRT community. Some library positions also require publications and Footnotes is a great, low stress way to get started with professional writing. Plus, publications always look great on a resume/curriculum vitae!

Who can Write for Footnotes?
Library school students, recent graduates, new library professionals, new librarians…if you have an interest in libraries, we encourage you to consider writing for Footnotes!

The Footnotes Publication Process
The thought of publishing anything can be intimidating, but Footnotes is a non-scary place to get started. Since this is a newsletter, articles are generally in the 500-1500 word range and these articles do not go through the peer review process. When you have an article (or book/website review, etc.), just send it on to the Footnotes editor (currently Anita Dryden anita.riley@gmail.com<mailto:anita.riley@gmail.com> for 2015-2016). The editor will review and assign your article for copy editing to a member of the Footnotes editorial committee. If there are questions, the editor will email you. Yes, it is really that easy!

Got an Idea?
If you have an idea but you’re not sure if it is something that would be of interest to other new librarians and library school students, send it on to the Footnotes editor (currently Anita Dryden anita.riley@gmail.com<mailto:anita.riley@gmail.com> for 2015-2016) anyway! Articles are accepted on a rolling basis and will be included in the next issue (issues are published February, May, August, and November).

Coming up with an idea can be one of the hardest aspects of publishing. Think about what you do everyday: an information literacy strategy you use, programming you created, or a tool you use daily could very well be something many of us are not familiar with and would love to hear about.

For more information or to view previous issues, please visit http://www.ala.org/nmrt/footnotes


NMRT Library Student Spotlight – Holly Dolan

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University of North Texas. Photo taken on November 12, 2014. (Crystal Hollis/UNT Photo)

Holly Dolan
University of North Texas

What drew you to library and information sciences?

I worked in university libraries as an undergraduate student and had such a great experience learning about academia, research, and library issues. As my love for my work environment grew, I realized I should make a career out of it! I’m so proud to be a LIS professional and an MLS candidate. Our profession is a true force for good in the world and I’m excited to start a career that helps promotes literacy and access to information.

What’s your dream job after graduation?

I’ve always been drawn to the world of digital libraries and repositories. I love the thought of digitizing content to make it easily accessible for those that might not see it otherwise. I also have a background in art history so I don’t want to wander too far from my love of the humanities. I guess my dream job would be working in digitization in cultural heritage institutions.

What do you like most about NMRT?

NMRT has always been great about making sure my ALA Student Chapter, the UNT Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA), knows about opportunities available to students and new members. I love that NMRT has liaisons for student chapters. As a student organization president, it’s invaluable for me to be directly connected to someone with in our parent organization with information about student involvement.


NMRT Member of the Week: Kai Alexis Smith

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Kai Alexis Smith
University of Notre Dame

A little about Kai’s job:

Kai Alexis Smith is the Librarian-in-Residence at the University of Notre Dame and is an aspiring research librarian interested in the arts and humanities. The Librarian-In-Residence Program is intended to recruit a recent library school graduate who can contribute effectively to the diversity of the profession and the university while developing career interests in various aspects of academic librarianship. The residency program is 2 year appointment.

Currently, Kai is spending the next year in the Architecture Library located in Bond Hall. She will not only provide research support for architecture faculty and students, but also teach multimedia literacy classes in the Writing and Rhetoric courses and library consultations in Africana Studies and assist in class presentations of artists books and rare books from the Latin American collection. Kai also serves as the LINk Librarian to Alumni Hall.

At the end of her residency, she hopes to secure a permanent position as an art and/or architecture librarian in an academic institution.

What are some things you like about your job or about working in libraries in general?

I like that everyday is different and I get to work with awesome people. This includes librarians, staff, faculty, and students.

What’s a project or committee you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

There are so many. A project I just finished up was learning about and exploring materials libraries. The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)’s Visual Resources Librarian Mark Pompelia describes what this collection is best in the white paper Materials Collection Creation and Administration: A New Role for Libraries, “A materials collection is a body of physical items and samples acquired across various industries to be utilized as objects for inspiration and in project specification by architects, designers, artists, and researchers in the practice of those and allied fields.”

I conducted a survey of Art Library Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)’s Materials Special Interest Group, reviewed literature published on the topic, and incorporated the results into a report where I made recommendations for the Visual Arts Librarian as she is interested in acquiring or building a collection to support the Art and Design department’s teaching and student research at the University of Notre Dame.

Regarding committees, I am the chair of the Art Library Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)’s Diversity Committee (DivCom). We are doing great things to get diversity embedded into the organization and are collaborating with several other committees within the organization. Some of these collaborations have resulted in webinars. We are working hard to get language on diversity and inclusion into the next iteration of the strategic plan and are working to update documentation. In addition, we are planning a Diversity Forum for the annual conference.

Most recently, I was appointed to the Keynote Speakers committee for the Academic College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Baltimore Conference in 2017. I look forward to working with committee members on attracting an incredible line up like the one in Portland.

What got you interested in libraries?

I was in my previous career in corporate lifestyle and entertainment magazines and websites as a writer and research editor. Honestly, it wasn’t my calling and I started taking classes at the local college to get the necessary coursework to apply for PhD in an Art History programs. A professor of mine encouraged me to explore art librarianship as a path. She said that I could always pursue a PhD. When I spoke with librarians at art museum libraries, academic art libraries, and public art libraries they all loved what they did. That is when I decided to change course and pursue the art librarianship path and I have not looked back since.

What is one of your favorite things about NMRT?

I love that everyone is so welcoming. As a newbie to the profession, it is comforting to know that I am not alone and that there are other people that I can chat with going through the same things issues and challenges.

I am also so appreciative of NMRT and the opportunities to learn and meet people. I was the 2015 Shirley Olofson award recipient to attend ALA Annual in San Francisco. There I was not only able to serve on committees but also continue to build my network which is crucial for new librarians.

Do you have any advice for other new librarians?

I hope other new members keep an eye out and take advantage of opportunities to attend events and apply for awards. As much face-to-face time you get with people as a new librarian in the profession the better. Take advantage of the NMRT local socials. There are some incredible people in NMRT and the profession. Get to know them.


ALA Midwinter NMRT Hotel Block

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Want to get the most of your Midwinter Meeting in Boston? Reserve a room in the NMRT Midwinter Hotel block. Space is limited, so book today! The block is at the Seaport Hotel located on One Seaport Lane.

The Seaport Hotel features include:
· 0.2 miles from the Convention Center
· Shuttle to Convention Center
· 3 Restaurants/Lounges
· Breakfast Included
· Room Service Available
· Complimentary WiFi in all rooms and public areas
· Business Center/Fax
· Exercise Facility
· Pool

You must register for the Midwinter Conference before you can book a room at the ALA-rate.
· If you previously registered for the 2016 Midwinter Conference by purchasing the bundled registration, you can book a room in the NMRT block by calling 800-584-9047. Don’t forget to mention that you are looking for a room in the “NMRT block”.
· If you are registering for the Midwinter Conference online through ALA, make sure to mention that you are a member of NMRT.

ALA Rates for the Seaport Hotel:
· Single: $189
· Double: $189
· Triple: $199
· Quad: $209

Need a roommate to keep costs down or just want a conference buddy? Consider posting or responding to room share requests made on NMRT-L, other listservs, and the NMRT Facebook page.

Disclaimer: NMRT is not providing a roommate matching service this year.

Information about the 2016 ALA Midwinter Conference, including travel and hotel information is available at: http://2016.alamidwinter.org/.


Call for ALA-NMRT Liaison Volunteers

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Happy Monday NMRT members! Are you looking for new ways to become more involved? Volunteer to be an ALA-NMRT Liaison.

If you are an NMRT member and a member of another library section, roundtable, division, or organization, then you are eligible to serve as a liaison. NMRT liaisons play a key role in increasing awareness of information and ideas of mutual interest to NMRT and liaison unit members with a minimal time commitment.

To be considered you must be a member in good standing of both ALA-NMRT and the unit you serve. Your assignment will be for one year and conference attendance is not required. If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer form by September 30, 2015. For a full list of liaison units, please see list below.

Contact Nicole Tekulve (Nicole-Tekulve@utc.edu) with any questions.

Liaison Units

Alaska Library Association

American Association of Law Librarians (AALL)

American Association of School Librarians  (AASL)

American Indian Library Association (AILA)

American Library Association (ALA) CPE

American Library Association (ALA) Legislative Assembly***must attend Annual

American Library Association (ALA) Membership Meetings

American Library Association-Allied Professional Association (ALA-APA)

Arizona Library Association

Arkansas Library Association

Asian Pacific American Library Association (APALA)

Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section (AAMES)

ACRL Anthropology and Sociology Section

ACRL African American Studies Librarians (AFAS)

ACRL College Libraries Section (CLS)

ACRL Community and Junior Colleges Section (CJC)

ACRL Distance Learning Section (DLS)

ACRL Education & Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS)

ACRL Instruction Section (IS)

ACRL Law and Political Science Section (LPSS)

ACRL Literatures in English (LES)

ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS)

ACRL Science & Technology Section (STS)

ACRL University Libraries Section (ULS)

ACRL Western European Studies Section (WESS)

ACRL Women and Gender Studies Section (WGSS)

Association Library & Information Science Education (ALISE)

Association Library Service to Children (ALSC)

Association Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends & Foundations (ALTAFF)

Association of Research Libraries

Association of Rural and Small Libraries

Association Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies (ASCLA)

Beta Phi Mu

Black Caucus American Library Association (BCALA)

Canadian Library Association

Catholic Library Association

Chinese American Library Association (CALA)

Colorado Association of Libraries

Connecticut Library Association

Delaware Library Association

District of Columbia Library Association

Federal & Armed Forces Libraries Round Table

Federal Library & Information Center (FLICC) “NewFeds” Group

Florida Library Association

Freedom to Read Foundation (FTRF)

Georgia Library Association

Government Documents Round Table (GODORT)

Guam Library Association

Hawaii Library Association

Idaho Library Association

Indiana Library Federation

Intellectual Freedom Round Table (IFRT)

International Relations Round Table (IRRT)

Iowa Library Association

Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC)

Kansas Library Association

Learning Round Table (LRT)

Library History Round Table (LHRT)

Library Information & Technology Association (LITA)

Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT)–to be confirmed

Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA)

Library Research Round Table (LRRT)

Library Support Staff Interest Round Table (LSSIRT)

Louisiana Library Association

Maine Library Association

Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT)

Maryland Library Association

Massachusetts Library Association

Mississippi Library Association

Michigan Library Association

Minnesota Library Association

Montana Library Association

Mountain Plains Library Association

Nassau County Library Association

Nebraska Library Association

Nevada Library Association

New England Library Association

New Hampshire Library Association

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York Library Association

North Carolina Library Association

North Dakota Library Association


Ohio Library Council

Oklahoma Library Association

Office for Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee (OITP)

Oregon Library Association

Pacific Northwest Library Association

Pennsylvania Library Association

Public Library Association (PLA)

Reference User Services Association (RUSA)

Rhode Island Library Association

Retired Members Round Table

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SSRT)

South Carolina Library Association

South Dakota Library Association

Southeastern Library Association (SELA)

Special Libraries Association (SLA)

Staff Organizations Round Table (SORT)

Texas Library Association

Theatre Library Association

Utah Library Association

Vermont Library Association

Video Round Table

Virgin Islands Library Association

Virginia Library Association

Washington Library Association

Wisconsin Library Association

Wyoming Library Association


NMRT Member of the Week: Randal Harrison

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Randal Harrison, Ph.D.
University of Norte Dame
Emerging Technologies Librarian


A little about Randal’s job:
My job is “Emerging Technologies Librarian.” The official description is: “I assist users with the identification, evaluation, and use of emerging technologies in the creation of a variety of media-rich projects, explore innovative online tools and related services, and identify learning and engagement opportunities to support student research and promote student success.” It’s a new position at Notre Dame and I’ve been in it for 7 months or so.

What are some things you like about your job or about working in libraries in general?

I’ve worked in libraries for about 3-ish years, though. My last position (2.5 years) was as the web developer for the Van Pelt and Opie Library at Michigan Tech, while I finished a PhD in communication, there. What I love about academia and about libraries in general is the intellectual calibre you usually find in them. Most people I’ve found in academia are both smart and well-meaning. Libraries, in particular, seem populated with people who aren’t here for the money, but for the chance to help spread access to information, and through this, increase the change of greater social justice. There are always exceptions, but this has proved the rule for me.

What got you interested in libraries?

I’m new to being faculty in a library setting, but chose this position over, say, an asst. professorship in communication because
of my great experiences in libraries, before. My job here affords the opportunity to be of use to people in all the ways I enjoy, including instruction, outreach, and even building digital interfaces. As an example, being in Academic Outreach and Engagement, I headed over today to our Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning and helped the Assistant Director there and his team to conceptualize and wireframe a new interface for the Remix portal (a multimodal teaching and learning space) that they want to turn into a single web presence (from, currently, three). With my background in both teaching and User Experience Design, I’m a fit to serve on/consult for teams like this that guide student workers in how to rebuild this portal. I think—keep in mind that I’m new to libraries—that if we want to keep libraries relevant moving forward, we would need to create the impression that libraries are the central intellectual hub (well, and social spaces, too) on campus, where rich collaboration happens, both lo-fi and with technological resources.

What is one of your favorite things about NMRT?
I’m new to this. My colleague and friend Kai Smith recommended to me to put my name out there to get involved. Getting involved in others’ projects and in conversation generally is a great way to start building those professional relationships .

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