2014 Ballot: Maggie Farrell, Candidate for ALA President

Today’s 2014 Election post comes from Maggie Farrell, Candidate for ALA President.


Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my candidacy for ALA President Elect with the New Members Round Table.  NMRT performs a critical function within ALA by introducing librarians and library workers to ALA and quickly getting them involved in activities that advance the association.  I would be honored to work with you to be an advocate for libraries and to communicate the power of libraries in strengthening our society.

As President, my focus will be to evaluate the progress on our ALA 2015 Strategic Plan in order to develop the next plan that will include advocating for libraries and library issues, protecting intellectual freedom, promoting diversity, and creating a sustainable, fiscally responsible and efficient operation.  I will lead us forward in a way that strengthens our libraries, engages our members, and continues to promote our value to society and the world.  This requires a diversity of voices and inclusion of the full membership to develop a new plan of action.   I hope NMRT is deeply involved in this effort to ensure that our association provides pathways for new members to be engaged and that ALA is connecting in meaningful ways with librarians and library workers.

Please contact me if you have questions regarding my qualifications and vision at www.maggiefarrell.com or Facebook “Maggie Farrell for ALA President.”  Thank you for your service to NMRT and ALA.  I ask for your vote.

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