Call for Volunteers – NMRT ALA 101 Task Force

NMRT is collaborating with ALA’s Membership Development Office to put together a resource called ALA 101, and we need NMRT members to help us! We’re putting together a task force of 4-8 members to outline the content for bite-sized resources in various formats (maybe videos, handouts, a website presence, etc.) that address some of the most common questions about ALA and how to get involved. This is your chance to get creative! Do we need interviews? A Q&A page? Infographics? We’re open to ideas!

If you’re interested in working on a team to develop the ideas for this resource, consider applying to be on this task force by June 8th. We’ll submit some ideas by the end of July to see how much they cost to have professionally produced and submit official proposals by the end of September!

Apply at the following link:

Have questions? Feel free to email Mandi at Thanks for considering applying to be part of this project!

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