Meet Your NMRT Board Member, Lesley Looper

Name: Lesley Looper

Job Title: Team Lead, Shelf Preparation Section

Institution: Duke University Libraries

NMRT Board Position/Title: Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect

What role does your Board Position serve in NMRT?

The Treasurer position in NMRT is a 3-year term, with one year of training as Assistant Treasurer (that’s what I’m doing now), then two years as Treasurer. I’ve enjoyed attending NMRT board meetings and learning about the responsibilities of the Treasurer position. I’m glad NMRT has this built-in year of training.

How long have you been an NMRT member?

6 years

What’s your favorite thing about NMRT?

I love how NMRT brings people from all walks of library life together, including library students and librarians from different types of libraries, library departments, and vendors. Whether it’s serving on an NMRT committee or attending an NMRT event at Midwinter or Annual, you’re sure to meet people with a variety of backgrounds and interests in libraries. Being involved in NMRT has definitely broadened my library horizons!

What advice would you give to someone just joining NMRT this year?

Don’t be shy about getting involved in NMRT! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to libraries, or even new to library school, there’s a place for you! Volunteering for an NMRT committee is a great place to start.


Meet Your NMRT Board Member is a 2016-2017 series to help NMRT members get to know their board. If you have any questions about this series, please contact the NMRT Communications Committee Chair, Melanie Kowalski (

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