New Members Round Table (NMRT) Service Could Be For You!

Are you looking to polish your resume OR are you interested in volunteering to review your colleagues’ resumes? Whether you need some resume assistance or want to provide this support as a volunteer, NMRT’s Resume Review Service may be for you!

I want to….
Have my resume reviewed!Serve as a resume reviewer!
Next step to have your resume reviewed:
Submit your resume/CV and a specific job description (if available) as an attachment to 


Fill out this Google Form:

Please note only ALA members are eligible for this service. To become a member of ALA or check your membership status, contact ALA Membership services at
Next step to become a resume reviewer:
Contact the NMRT Resume Review Service at to volunteer!  
Please include the information listed below in the body of your email: 

Job Title/Position:
Library Type:
Area of Specialization (i.e., reference, cataloging, archives, children’s, etc.):
E-mail address:

We always seek to match a reviewer with someone from the same library type and specialization!

If you have any questions about becoming a reviewer or having your resume reviewed, please contact our committee at

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