New NMRT logo revealed!

In January, Laura Arnhold, Erin Berman, Erin Huffman, and Kate Tkacik were selected to work on one of the NMRT Emerging Leader projects. Our mission was to design a new logo for the round table and develop a marketing plan which would include fundraising ideas, merchandising options, and a social media strategy.

After taking a close look at NMRT, our group redesigned the NMRT logo with a fresh new design, bright colors, and a slogan, which we believe will educate ALA members on NMRT’s primary focus and goal. The logo will help members to identify NMRT, and can also be used in the promotion and sale of branded merchandise. We hope that this new logo will inspire a new librarian to become a part of the round table.


Our group also made suggestions on ways that NMRT could continue to reach out to its members online. In a recent survey, members commented about how they wanted to talk with the NMRT board and its members. One of our suggestions has recently been implemented, a NMRT Facebook group. With the addition of a group, members are now able engage in discussion, learn from each other, and to create a community where new librarians can turn when in need of advice or have questions about ALA or the library world in general.

NMRT has a ton of great resources for those new to the profession and to ALA. It was a pleasure to be a part of the Emerging Leaders class and to help with a round table which provides so much to its members. We believe that with the new logo and marketing plan, NMRT will be able to even more effectively reach new members and promote all of the round table’s resources.

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