NMRT Member of the Week Spotlight: Robert Sarwark

Robert Sarwark

The Art Institute of Atlanta


Brief Job Description: Sole librarian for an arts- and design-focused collection serving ~1,600 undergraduate students.

What are some things you like about your job or about working in libraries in general?

My job: Being able to assist non-traditional students at an impasse with their studies/projects to reach higher levels of learning and capacity.

Libraries in general: They’re sanctuaries of humanity, where anyone can set aside time to either get work done in peace, collaborate with peers, or learn something new.

What’s a project or committee you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

Integrating library services into the syllabi of all or as many of the faculty as possible.

What got you interested in libraries?

Being a graduate student for my first Masters degree, an MA, when I spent almost every day in the library either working as an employee or completing my capstone project.

What is one of your favorite things about NMRT?

Being able to network with other professional librarians that are just starting their careers.

Do you have any advice for other new librarians?

Be open when it comes to that first job, because you may be able to take your career in a new direction from there, but you need to start somewhere!



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