Resume Review Service at Midwinter in Seattle

The NMRT Resume Review Service (RRS) Committee is gearing up for the Resume Review Service Booth for the ALA 2012 Midwinter Conference located in Seattle, WA! We are currently scheduling appointments for individuals to have their resume reviewed as well as looking for booth greeters and resume reviewers.

The Resume Review Service for Annual will be at the ALA Job Placement Center, location TBA. Our services will be available from 9 am – 5 pm Saturday and Sunday, January 27-26, 2013.

To volunteer, please fill out either the Resume Reviewer form or the Booth Greeter volunteer form. We hope to have at least two greeters and four resume reviewers per shift.

For more information see the Volunteer Guidelines or feel free to contact for more information. The schedules of Resume Reviewers and Booth Greeters are available on the Committee’s Wiki. This is a fun way to meet, talk, and network with people from all over the country!

We are also accepting advance reservations for individuals who wish to have their resumes reviewed. To request an appointment, please fill out the Advanced Registration form (deadline is January 11th).

This service is free and open to all conference attendees, regardless of their affiliation with NMRT. Walk-ins are welcome, but we are encouraging people to schedule an appointment in advance because of the high demand of the service.

Want more details on the RRS & what we do? Please visit us at the NMRT Resume Review Service Web Site or

Hope to see you there!
Jodie Borgerding
NMRT Resume Review Service Committee

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