Resume Reviewers needed!

Help! NMRT Resume Review Service Needs Reviewers and Greeters!

The NMRT Resume Review Service (RRS) Committee is in immediate need for volunteers to review resumes and greet participants at the Resume Review Service Booth, located in ALA’s Job Placement Center, Philadelphia Convention Center. The RRS is open 9-5, Saturday and Sunday, and although all times are available, we particularly need Saturday volunteers!  If you can volunteer for one hour, two, or more, please indicate your willingness to help by contacting the chair, Cheryl Blevens, at  It would be also helpful for the pairing process, if you would indicate your area of expertise. Your help with this vital service is most sincerely appreciated by the committee and those participants who are asking for the service’s help.

Thank you!

Cheryl Blevens,


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