Meet Your NMRT Board Member, Nicole LaMoreaux


Name: Nicole LaMoreaux

Job Title: Assistant Director of Research & Instructional Services

Institution: The New School

NMRT Board Position/Title: Secretary

What role does your Board Position serve in NMRT?

The purpose of the NMRT Secretary is to perform the duties of Secretary as outlined in the Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure and act as Secretary to the Executive Board by recording and documenting the decisions and discussions of the Board. In this role, I attend all NMRT Board Meetings, either in person or online, and I am a voting member of the Board. I also request the reports of Board members and committee chairs throughout the year. I also coordinate the NMRT social networking presence on the appropriate tools.

How long have you been an NMRT member?

I’ve been a NMRT member since 2011.

What’s your favorite thing about NMRT?

It’s an inviting round table. ALA can be a bit overwhelming and finding your place within the organization can sometimes be hard, but NMRT makes it much easier. Members of this round table want to see each other succeed and grow as librarians.

What advice would you give to someone just joining NMRT this year?

The best way to understand NMRT is to volunteer for a committee. It allows you to get involved as well as meet other new librarians and para-professionals.


Meet Your NMRT Board Member is a 2016-2017 series to help NMRT members get to know their board. If you have any questions about this series, please contact the NMRT Communications Committee Chair, Melanie Kowalski (



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