Greetings from the Membership Promotion, Diversity & Recruitment Committee

Holiday greetings to all ALA and NMRT members! The Communications Committee has graciously given the Membership Promotion, Diversity & Recruitment Committee (MPDR) an opportunity to share with NMRTs’ readers what we do, discuss our upcoming goals and how you can get involved. In 2007, MPDR started after the consolidation of the Membership, Promotion and Relations Committee with the Diversity Committee. Since 2007, our group’s charge has been to welcome new members into NMRT and ALA, but also provide outreach to not only recruit and retain minority librarians within ALA. MPDR works hard to foster a welcoming environment to all underrepresented groups and people. Our committee works and discusses in an open collaborative environment that values inclusion and the discussion of progressive ideas that when implemented, will help our ALA and NMRT members in their career path. At MPDR and NMRT, we value your membership and want to ensure you make the most of every opportunity.

This year, the MPDR Committee is ramping up our efforts to increase our presence and improve our line of communication to better inform all our members of the opportunities available to them throughout NMRT. Many thanks to those of you who participated in the survey administered by MPDR last year and shared your opinion. We heard your concerns and our committee is working diligently to implement your feedback.

Currently, we are working on a rewrite of the welcome email to new and returning NMRT members. We are developing a more personalized format that touches on the work of our committees within NMRT, opportunities available to our members, and how you can get involved. NMRT will be working with the Communications Committee in relaunching Alternative Voices. A column devoted to promoting open discourse amongst librarians regarding current events to embrace the change-making role we play in our local communities, as well as the larger global context of librarianship. Our first column will feature an interview conducted by MPDR’s Erin Prentiss with Ms. April Hathcock.

MPDR will also be working with the Communications Committee on launching a new segment to spotlight current or former NMRT members, who have utilized opportunities within the roundtable to push their individual development and further their career. If you would like to take part in this exciting new series, feel free to contact us. Or if you would like to nominate someone who you feel would be perfect for this segment, we would gladly welcome your email as well! By sharing your stories, we hope to inspire current and new professionals to take part, share their voice and help make an impact on our profession. We are also currently working on a diversity and inclusion guide to help committees, and their members, foster a positive and supportive environment of acceptance for all.

Our committee would gladly welcome any of your questions and feedback. MPDR and NMRT want to help make your ALA experience work for you and positively impact your professional development. If you would like to learn more about MPDR, please feel free to email and write to, or the MPDP account at We would also strongly encourage you to check out NMRT’s webpage, browse and see what piques your interests. Get involved, make your voice known and make a difference!

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