MPDR Survey

NMRT and Membership, Promotion, Diversity, and Recruitment Committee are interesting in knowing how we are doing! We have created a brief survey asking for feedback on our past year’s programs, our communication methods, and the diversity & inclusion initiatives within NMRT. Your information and feedback will be instrumental not only for analytical purposes but will help NMRT to ensure that our roundtable is meeting the needs of its members, and help us identify ways in which we can improve. If you have a few minutes, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please consider taking our survey about your experience with NMRT. The survey is available at

For those of you who have dropped or discontinued your membership with NMRT. We have a separate survey for you, and are interested in why you decided to leave NMRT. Former member feedback will help NMRT progress the quality of our programs, and services for future and current members. This survey can be accessed here

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